The Education Committee works as a team toward the goal of educating ourselves to be healthier, stronger, and more knowledgeable Muslimahs for the sake of Allah.  We have coordinated:
  • an Imam Halaqa for sisters
  • a Self-Defense seminar at Raja Academy
  •  a monthly research-based discussion concerning “the Misconceptions in Islam”, so that we are better prepared for public debate
  • Giving out educational materials to new sisters to Islam

Our future goals are to address the needs of all sisters in our community, including our youth, our new sisters to Islam, and our mothers of teenagers.  We invite all sisters interested in Islamic education and self development to join the committee and attend our meetings. 

The Education Committee Leader is chosen by the committee each year from active members.  Her role is to organize meetings, send out an agenda and meeting minutes, address needs within the committee, and be an active voice on the Sisters’ Committee, attending all Officer meetings (held every month)and help with Sister Committee events.  We look forward to seeing you! Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.